How to Prepare For Your Professional Family Photo Session

You have done your homework and hired the photographer whose work appears to be best in line with the style and quality of photos that you desire for your family, but now what? There are certain steps that you can your family can take in order to best prepare for your photo session. Consider these photo’s an investment in your family’s personal history and therefore worth prepping for.

  1. Set a time and date most conducive to family relaxation
  • Book the session for the right time when your family can arrived unhurriedly and can relax for a few minutes. Directly from work, from school or from other daily activities of your family is not an appropriate time for the session. Set a day when everyone is off work or no classes, or a day with no other engagements or conflicts.
  1. Prepare your children in advance
  • Depending on your child’s personality consider letting them know about this session in advance and what will be expected of them. Consider having a surprise plan or a special treat like cakes or shopping planned for after the session, so they look forward and get excited for the whole day.
  1. Dress so everyone feels their best
  • Plan for your family’s personal hygiene and physical appearances (i.e. haircuts, makeup, and nails – if applicable) in advance so everyone can project or pose stunningly and fabulously. Plan non clashing outfits, remembering that solid colours often look best in these type of photos. Don’t leave getting ready yourself until the last minute.

Bring out the best in your family portraits by hiring My Family Photographer in Brampton, who can aid you preparing your family to get the most our of your session through these and other helpful prep tips.

How to Hire a Professional Family Photographer

These days it seems that everyone with a camera considers themselves to be a professional photographer, therefore discernment is necessary in hiring a truly professional family photographer for your photo shoot. It is important to realize expectations, read reviews and look at samples of their work before hand.

  1. Realize Expectations 
  • Do you want traditional family photos or something with a more modern flair?
  • Look for photos of family, friends or online that appeal to you
  • Do you need a photographer to cover an event? Are there any special moments you want them to pay careful attention to?
  1. Read Reviews 
  • Look for some customer reviews and feedbacks about their services.
  • Ask friends and family for their recommendations
  1. Look at Samples
  • Ask them to show you some samples of their photographs
  • Let them know which samples appeal to you the most

Since photography is not a profession that is overseen by any governing body it is crucial then that the client do their research before hiring a photographer. Important family celebrations and moments can not be recreated and in hiring a professional you ensure that these special memories will be well captured. My Family Photographer (Brampton) has received great reviews and have beautiful samples for perusal for anyone interested in looking for an exceptional family photographer.

The Importance of a Professional Family Photography Session

The Importance of a Professional Family Photography Session

As technology advances, cellphone cameras have become increasingly capable of capturing beautiful family moments in high resolution without the necessity of hiring a professional. Even though you may think that a cellphone photo may suffice from your family portraits I would like to propose that there are a host of reasons why you may want to consider hiring a professional to preserve your beautiful family moments and record your family’s photographic history. When you hire a professional photographer like My Family Photographer (Brampton), you receive advantages that are unable to achieve on your own regardless of the resolution of your camera.

In hiring a professional you gain:

  1. Photographic Expertise
  • A trained eye for framing your photo to maximum effect 
  • Experience in knowing what to look for in order to achieve the best possible photo 
  • Know how to utilize the camera to the best of its ability, you don’t have to spend valuable time trying to adjust settings on a camera your not 100% comfortable with 
  • Can arrange poses that lend themselves to the most flattering photo from everyone involved 
  1. Reliability 
  • Don’t have to rely on a friend or family member to take a great shot which if they don’t achieve could put strain on your relationship 
  • A professional will keep shooting until they get a shot they and you can be proud of 
  1. Variety of Choices
  • At the conclusion of the shoot you will have a variety of photographs to choose from that will increase your chances of having a photo that you will love to display and a memory that you can cherish for years to come.
  1. Valuable Use of Time 
  • A professional family portrait session may possibly take an hour or two, often with several usual backdrops, poses, and candid scenarios.
  • Create a family memory in getting together for a photo session can even plan your photo session around family events.

There are many advantages in hiring a consistent family photographer that can record important moments in your family’s history such as pregnancies, births, birthdays etc. As your family grows and changes over time you will be grateful that you have time enduring remembrances of celebrations and familial love.


Family Photography in Brampton, Ontario

Family Photography in Brampton, Ontario

Sharma Family – El Dorado Park, Brampton

Date of Session: November 28, 2016

As a family photographer I had the pleasure of doing a photo session for the Sharma family in El Dorado Park, Brampton. Although the end of November is usually cold weather, we were lucky to find that this year is warmer than usual.

On this day, I had to be creative in finding some interesting backdrops because all of the leaves had already fallen to the ground. It was a blessing to find some greenery by the water. Some of the bare branches also turned out to be great background elements. I shot using my Nikon D600 with a Nikon 70-200 VR II lens; and edited the photos using Adobe Lightroom 6. Below are 5 of my favourite portraits from the session.